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Mario Nicci a high end shoe brand purveyors of the finest hand made bespoke shoes. Our hand made shoes are fine tuned from a variety of fabrics with a wide array of exquisite embroideries and logos.

Founded in the exquisite Belgian coastal town of Knokke le Zoute we attract customers from all across the world wearing our Italian handcrafted originally English slippers.

The slippers original purpose was as an indoor replacement for outdoor footwear.  Roads in Victorian England were made of gravel and sand which, if tracked indoors, would mar the expensive rugs, polished tile and hardwood flooring of the gentry’s grand homes.



English gentlemen thus exchanged their shoes and boots at the front door for a leather-soled slip-on that would not only protect the surfaces underfoot  but also provide welcome comfort.  Apparently it was Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert who elevated the footwear’s status with the addition of velvet uppers and quilted linings. It is that the regal slipper has been associated with his name since 1840.

Over time, the trend spread beyond the British aristocracy and was embraced by the icons of Hollywood’s golden era of the 1940s and ‘50s.

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